Abby Layman

Traveler, Blogger, Photographer

I am Abby and I am Mum to one. I have travelled to 40 countries, some multiple times, across 5 continents as well as numerous locations around the British Isles. I started my passion for travel 20 years ago when I backpacked around the world in my post-Uni days. Nowadays I travel with a little more style and with ‘Little-legs’ as my companion; my daughter Athena. We embarked on our first long haul adventure when she was 7 months old. I’ve always wanted to show her the world in order to give a sense of wonder, understanding of geography, culture and humanity. I’m also an educator and believe that experiential learning, outside of the classroom, is paramount for her to broaden her mind and understand the world we live in. My daughter is now 7 and I love to watch her grow as she finds her place in the world. Five years ago, I met someone lovely to come and join us in our adventures. Travel has become a way to rest our hearts, enrich our souls and broaden our minds.

This is our personal ‘patchwork’ family travel blog of me, Athena (Little-legs) and Paul. A memoir of our BigMind Travel.

We would love it if you would like to follow us for inspiration and discover top tips on family travel, to both far and not so far flung places.

Portrait of Athena. Meditation. Po lIn Monastery, lantau island, hong kong

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